Frosty's 50th Cruise

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Tequila, anyone? This is one of the fabulous customized shot glasses handed out to the cruisers by our lovely fantastic cruise director, Mambo Cruise Queen.
001DeannaJanetAce 002AceCaroleBill 003DavidMambo 004DeniseEd
Some cruisers enjoying mariachi music in Ensenada. OK, maybe we weren't enjoying the music that much -- how many times can you hear Guantanamera in one day before going crazy? -- but we did enjoy the cervezas & shots!

005DanielleSabrina 006DanielleSabrina 007DeannaJanet 008FrostyDenise
We're smiling here because these guys are only the second set of mariachis we heard... at this table.

009AceCarole 010David 011DeannaJanet 012BillEd
We estimate more beers got served on the ship during our cruise than got served in Ensenada the entire month. "When I get this in tune, I'm gonna have it welded." Stopping for (what else?) more beers.

013Jim 014ShellyKelly 015Sabrina 016DanielleSabrina
It's important to stop every thirty minutes for food drink while in Ensenada, to keep in shape for food drink every thirty minutes on the ship. (If you think I'm exaggerating, you've never been on a cruise!)

017JanetBill 018DeniseDavid 019DeniseDavid 020ShellyKelly
They only served Mexican food once on the ship, at the midnight brunch. It was the only mediocre food we had: sort of a cruise ship version of fast-food version of American version of Mexican food. The Mexican food in Mexico, however, was great!

021ShellyKelly 022Ship 023Ship 024FrostySabrinaBillDanielle
It's a very short walk from the cruise ship to Ensenada (you can see one from the other) but that didn't stop some folks from taking the bus.

025Ship 026FrostyBillDeannaDanielleSabrina 027MamboFrostyDinner 028MaryJimDinner
The bus, though, drops you off near Papas Beer, which you can easily avoid if you walk.

029CandaceRogerDinner 030DeanJudyDinner 031AceCaroleDinner 032BillJanetDinner
These pix are from the dress-up dinner on Saturday night.

033BillJanetDinner 034SabrinaDanielleDinner 035DeannaEdDinner 036KimberSteveDinner
Crushed velvet smoking jackets, as you know, never go out of style!

037KimberSteveDinner 038MikeMichelleDinner 039MikeMichelleDinner 040RalphDinner
By Saturday night, we were starting to lose some cruisers... especially at Ralph's table.

041RalphDinner 042BruceShellyMasonDinner 043DavidDeniseDinner 044DavidDeniseDinner
Some happy campers! I'm hoping somebody shot a picture of (or swiped) a menu or two, as the dinners were fantastic.

045DavidDeniseDinner 046BillieRalphDinner 047BillieRalphMamboDinner 048BillieRalphMamboDinner
You'd be happy too, if you had great food wine, great service, great company.

049ChuckNoCindy 049ChuckMatteCindy 050JimKellyDinner 051ShellyDinner
Notice anything about Cindy in the second pic, here?

052TerryJoeDinner 053TerryJoeDinner 054StevenLynnDinner 055StevenLynnDinner
Terry Joe looking Mah-valous, as do Steve Lynn.

057TerryJoeDinner 058DeanJudyDinner 059BruceMasonShellyDinner 060MaryJimDinner
Dean is not smiling because the limit at the craps tables was only $300, not worth bothering with, if you're a high roller.

061KimberSteveDinner 062DavidDeniseDinner 063TerryJoeBillieRalphDinner 064StevenLynnDinner
Think anybody is having fun?

065BillJanetDinner 066DeannaEdDinner 067SabrinaDanielleDinner 068AceCaroleDinner
Special bonus pic of Mike the background!

069MikeMichelleDinner 070CindyChuck 071CindyChuck 072JimKellyShellyDinner
Think anybody knew they were getting their picture taken?

073MaryJimDance 074CandaceRogerDance 075MaryJimCandaceRogerDance 077LynnKimberMichellePool
On the left, the only known picture of Jim dancing. Roger, on the other hand, has clearly done it before!

078KellyShellyCindyPool 079StevePool 080BruceShellyPool 081WaitersCakes
The waiters put on a little show on the last night, dancing a Conga line with cakes (other things) on their heads. I enjoyed it better than the Vegas-style show, Fast Forward.

082WaitersCakes 083Waiters 090FrostyRecardoDinner 093StevenJudyLynnDeanDinner
Recardo = teh r00l3z waiter! Especially cool was the way he called me "Mister Frosty" with a Jamaican accent. The best dancer, too!

094FrostyDinner 095FrostyCakeDinner 096FrostyCakeDinner 097FrostyCakeDinner
Frosty tries to get into the swing of things, with a cake on his head... no dancing, though.

103Show 109TugHarbor 110Harbor 112ShipHarbor
The last pic in this row comes close to capturing the beauty of the harbor as we return to port on Monday morning.

113Harbor 114ShipHarbor FrostyChocolateBar FrostyCigar
More party favors: chocolate & cigars. The cigars were very nice, much better than the bogus "Cuban" cigars being sold in Ensenada.

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Frosty's 50th Cruise

More Pics!

0304629-R1-004-0A 0304629-R1-006-1A 0304629-R1-008-2A 0304629-R1-010-3A

0304629-R1-012-4A 0304629-R1-014-5A 0304629-R1-016-6A 0304629-R1-018-7A

0304629-R1-020-8A 0304629-R1-024-10A 0304629-R1-026-11A 0304629-R1-028-12A

0304629-R1-030-13A 0304629-R1-032-14A 0304629-R1-034-15A 0304629-R1-036-16A

0304629-R1-040-18A 0304629-R1-044-20A 0304629-R1-046-21A 0304629-R1-050-23A

0304629-R1-052-24A 0304630-R1-002-00A 0304630-R1-004-0A 0304630-R1-006-1A

0304630-R1-008-2A 0304630-R1-016-6A 0304630-R1-018-7A 0304630-R1-020-8A

0304630-R1-022-9A 0304630-R1-024-10A 0304630-R1-026-11A 0304630-R1-028-12A

0304630-R1-030-13A 0304630-R1-032-14A 0304630-R1-034-15A 0304630-R1-036-16A

0304630-R1-038-17A 0304630-R1-040-18A 0304630-R1-046-21A 0304631-R1-028-12A

0304631-R1-030-13A 0304631-R1-032-14A 0304631-R1-034-15A 0304631-R1-036-16A

0304631-R1-040-18A 0304631-R1-042-19A 0304631-R1-044-20A 0304631-R1-048-22A

0304631-R1-050-23A 0304632-R1-002-00A 0304632-R1-004-0A 0304632-R1-006-1A

0304632-R1-008-2A 0304632-R1-012-4A 0304632-R1-014-5A 0304632-R1-016-6A

0304632-R1-018-7A 0304632-R1-020-8A 0304632-R1-022-9A 0304632-R1-026-11A

0304632-R1-028-12A 0304632-R1-030-13A 0304632-R1-034-15A 0304632-R1-038-17A

0304632-R1-042-19A 0304632-R1-044-20A 0304632-R1-046-21A 0304632-R1-048-22A

0304632-R1-052-24A 0304633-R1-004-0A 0304633-R1-006-1A 0304633-R1-008-2A

0304633-R1-012-4A 0304633-R1-014-5A 0304633-R1-016-6A 0304633-R1-018-7A

0304633-R1-022-9A 0304633-R1-024-10A 0304633-R1-028-12A 0304633-R1-030-13A

0304633-R1-034-15A 0304633-R1-036-16A 0304633-R1-038-17A 0304633-R1-040-18A

0304633-R1-042-19A 0304633-R1-044-20A 0304633-R1-046-21A 0304633-R1-048-22A

0304633-R1-050-23A 0304633-R1-052-24A 0304633-R1-054-25A 0304634-R1-002-00A

0304634-R1-004-0A 0304634-R1-014-5A 0304634-R1-016-6A 0304634-R1-018-7A

0304634-R1-028-12A 0304634-R1-036-16A 0304634-R1-038-17A 0304634-R1-050-23A

0304634-R1-054-25A 0304670-R1-022-9A 0304670-R1-024-10A 0304670-R1-026-11A

0304670-R1-028-12A 0304670-R1-030-13A 0304670-R1-032-14A 0304670-R1-034-15A

0304670-R1-036-16A 0304670-R1-038-17A 0304670-R1-040-18A 0304670-R1-042-19A

0304670-R1-044-20A 0304670-R1-046-21A 0304670-R1-048-22A 0304670-R1-050-23A

0304670-R1-054-25A 0304670-R1-048-22A

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Late Breaking Pictures on 6/19/2006

3252050-R1-002-00A 3252050-R1-004-0A 3252050-R1-006-1A 3252050-R1-008-2A

3252050-R1-010-3A 3252050-R1-012-4A 3252050-R1-016-6A 3252050-R1-018-7A

3252050-R1-020-8A 3252050-R1-022-9A 3252050-R1-024-10A 3252050-R1-026-11A

3252050-R1-028-12A 3252050-R1-030-13A 3252050-R1-032-14A 3252050-R1-034-15A

3252050-R1-036-16A 3252050-R1-038-17A 3252050-R1-042-19A 3252050-R1-044-20A

3252050-R1-046-21A 3252050-R1-048-22A 3252050-R1-050-23A 3252050-R1-052-24A


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More pix posted 8/11/2006

balcony Bar&Judy bath1 bath2

Beddoor CandaceRoger CindyChuck DeanRoger

John'sFlame JudyDeanCandace monkey Sherry

Ralph and Billie

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